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This spectacular development occupies a total area of 3, 901 square meters and has 16 residential floors. It also has four parking levels as well as a ground floor lobby. The development also comprises of 892 units, from which you can easily pick the most suitable for you. There are also 22 parking spaces sufficient for all the residents and the visitors. Security is paramount at every residential area. At Shines Residences, security is given top priority and that is why there are CCTV cameras put up at specific spots. There is also round the clock security meaning you are safe at any given time. There are also clearly labeled fire exits as well as automatic fire detection and alarm system. With all these features put up, you can be sure that security is top-notch. The building has four elevators to ensure that you can easily access all the areas you need. At times the power could just go off and inconvenience you. When you are a resident at this particular residence, you will not have power shortage problems; this is because there is a standby generator set for common areas and selected unit outlets. The other very important thing that should be addressed at any residential development is availability of water. This property has ensured that you will not have any water problems since there is a water tank put in place. You will also have access to internet anytime you want given that there are Wi-Fi zones within the development.

Some of the other amenities that you will enjoy when you get a home at this development include adult and kiddie pools. There are also function rooms and a gym for your fitness purposes. Also there is a library, a game room, a tennis court all meant to provide you with everything you require. Shine residences is the best place you can buy a home and enjoy state-of-the-art amenities.   

  • Lobby and Reception Area
  • 24/7 Security and CCTV Cameras
  • Mailroom
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Property Management Services
  • Swimming Pools
  • Chillscape Lounge
  • Function Rooms
  • Wi-Fi Zones
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Luminous Amenities to Brighten Your Life

What better way to shine your brightest than take pleasure in the stunning amenities of Shine Residences? The residential development will remind you of the 20th-century glamour and elegance just by looking at the buildings’ façade. As you enter the vicinity, the Grand Lobby is very inviting not only to the residents but your future guests as well. Its sleek design is supposed to fit your dynamic lifestyle and inspire you with its interiors. The place is the epitome of comfort and grandiose. The whole vicinity is lush with greeneries and refreshing views. There are parks and gazebos available for your alone and reflection time. If you want to be free from the heat of the city, you can always try to take a dip in Shine Residences’ very own pool. Sweat away and get fit with the Gym and Tennis Courts available for you to become closer to your healthy lifestyle goals. The Function Rooms are also for the residents whenever you have events or occasions.

Security and Safety Is Shine Residences’ Priority

Aside from the engaging amenities, Shine Residences will also make sure that you and your family are protected 24/7 from any inconveniences. The whole place is armored with around the clock security and CCTV cameras. High-speed elevators can also be found for faster travel and moving around. The Property Management Services is your guarantee that you can sleep well ever night knowing you are safe and cared for only at Shine Residences. The benefits are all for you to take pleasure in. In our society nowadays, renting or being in an unsafe neighborhood can mean a lot especially if you are living alone or have beloved family members. That is why getting a residential unit at Shine Residences will give you the utter confidence that you are in a well-maintained and safe environment. You deserve the assurance. You deserve Shine Residences.

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