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Shine Residences Overview

Property Developer: SMDC
Project Location: Meralco Ave,Barrio Ugong, Pasig City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: Starting at 20 sqm
Price Range: Php 3,300,000 and up

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In an effort to provide the residents with the best possible combination of luxury and convenience, the leading development company, SMDC, came up with the magnificent Shine Residence. Shine Residence is a residential development that lives up to its name for it shines luxury and comfort to its residents all year round. This first class residence stands tall within a prestigious community called the Renaissance Centre which makes these residents live even a more luxurious and envious lifestyle. They can easily access the first class amenities that this community provide. With an established neighborhood profile consisting of nearby schools and business offices, the residents of Shine Residences have everything right at their convenience.

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5 things you did not know about Shine Residences

First, Shine Residences strategic location enables its residents to access the exclusive clubhouse amenities of the iconic Renaissance Centre. Life in this residence is bliss as the residents enjoy first class amenities from this centre without much of a hustle. The spacious function rooms, the beautiful park, the retail shops and the first rate amenities at Renaissance Centre are easily accessed by these blessed residents. Shine Residences allows its residents to experience an abundance of amazement and a handful of surprises offered by this magnificent tower. With such relaxation and luxury just a short walk from one's residence, what else is there to complain about?

Second, Shine Residences provides top notch property management services to the residents on order to ensure that they stay comfortable and with satisfaction all day round. The hand man services here are satisfactory. This beautiful residence is all that one would want. The management has brought a new concept to residential living whereby the properties of the development are well maintained and the security of the the home owners well taken care of. The 24 hour security services and the CCTV cameras makes the residents live the best experience the best of city living.

Let the premium lifestyle introduce itself to you in your very own abode in the magnificent Shine Residences. This development lives up to its name by shining in all aspects of lifestyle be it business or work. This residence offers a lifestyle that is both chick and sophisticated. A lifestyle graced by world class amenities that are found at the residents doorsteps. Live in a residence topped with first class amenities within the comfort of your room. Shone residences surrounds the home owners with invigorating recreational amenities that are perfect for an exhilarating and exciting break away from the stressful environment at work. Nothing makes an impression and leaves memorable experiences on home owners' minds like Shine Residences. A residence which allows those who reside there yo delight themselves at the convenience of the amenities. The wonderful experience offered by these homes ate sure to keep the residents stress free at all cost.

Notably, Shine Residences offers the residents an opportunity to live in a work-life balance environment. Its environment encourages the growth of businesses and business people altogether. Shine residences harmoniously integrates lifestyle and business into a seamless fusion thus creating the perfect ambiance for a superb dwelling.

Finally, Shine Residences is the ideal place to discover the metro. Unwrap the bounties that the bustling Ortigas Centre has to offer by residing in these homes. Live in a home where every corner speaks of luxury and fine taste. Have a vacation home at this marvelous Shine Residences and live a five star lifestyle. Shine Residences, located in the heart of Ortigas City centre, is the perfect place to be as it offers compelling views of the Metro Manila skyline. Celebrate your success with this residence. A development that allows its residents to enjoy an active lifestyle at the luxury of their own home at the heart of the city.

Why the address of Shine Residences matters

Make a statement by living in this bustling city. Pasig city is the perfect destination for those who are looking to grow financially. Living right at the heart of the rich Ortigas Centre is best thing to do in order to thrive very fast. Ortigas Centre has an established profile consisting of the best that there is to offer. Establish your business somewhere you are guaranteed of a booming business and at a place that is just a short walk from your business. This Centre is home of commercial.activities and no one has ever been disappointed. The development, situated just a stone throw away from the financial and commercial hubs is the best place to invest in.

Nothing says that you have made it much like an address in the Ortigas. This means that the home owner has said goodbye to commuter problems. No more being cramped in that jeep and having to tolerate the rowdy driver. Furthermore, there is no more waiting for buses in order to go to school or at the workplace. Having entertainment, business and leisure in close proximity is the property's another distinctive addition to an impressive local. Enjoy the ease living of one of Manila's sought after destinations by enjoying the serene pools in the local environment and going to top schools in the country. Enjoy the convenient location that the development offers as there is easy access to the city's must see destination.

Living at the heart of the Ortigas Centre means that the city's key destinations are easily accessible. Cities such Makati, San Juan and Manuka are just a few minutes from the centre. In an effort to provide the residents with the best possible combination of luxury and convenience, SMDC had to develop the homes in the fast paced Ortigas Centre. Shine Residences boasts of accessibility and convenience being nearest to almost all the cities that make up the Metro Manila. The development gives its residents a greater value for their investment by letting them live the convenience of a modern life. A development that sprang up with the at most relaxation and convenience in the mind if the developers.

The Ortigas Centre is home to multinational corporations and the country's top companies. What dies this mean? It means that services are easily accessible for home owners at Shine Residences. This development gives its residents a privileged lifestyle combing a convenient location with the luxurious comfort of its signature amenities. The life of affluence is what experienced in this Ortigas Centre. An area whose unparalleled convenience unfold themselves one by one to serve even the laziest souls on earth.

Shine Residences delivers exclusive and distinctive living experience to the home owners due to its convenience, comfort and style; all of which is magnified by the Ortigas Centre.

Reasons why you should buy a home at Shine Residences

The security in Shine Residences is very high. There are CCTV cameras that are installed in selected locations. Feel safe with Shine Residences. A development where the home owners do not have to be scared of their lives or the safety of their property or their kids. Feel safe and be safe. Enjoy the thrilling moments of the city for days or weeks on end and come back home to find your door locked just as you left it. Be surrounded by the sense of security whenever you walk in that walkway.

The development's proximity to key destinations in the city is something is another topic of itself. Most of the Metro Manila's city are within close proximity to the residence. Nothing rules the world like a home which enables the owner to live a streets free lifestyle knowing that when they wake up in the morning they just have to walk a short distance or take a shirt ride to their point of interest. As Pasay city boasts of being the centre of most major cities in the country, Shine Residence boasts of easy accessibility to these cities. Shine residences elevates the lifestyle of its residents in an exhilarating manner.

Live in a convenient condition by choosing Shine Residences. A residence that offers easy access to the basic needs of its home owners. Let your children attend the best schools in the country without having to go through commuter troubles. Access the best medical centers in the city within minutes by living in Shine Residences and mist of all, say goodbye to shelling out money to be used as fare. Convenience is SMDC's signature. Surround yourself with everything that you need by living at Shine Residences.

Enjoy more for less by choosing Shine Residences. These homes are quite affordable as the target middle income earners. Live a five star lifestyle yet in an affordable way. Shine Residences provides its residents with an exciting, stylish and comfortable lifestyle in an inexpensive way. Furthermore, the flexible terms of payment make it even more affordable. You have always wanted to live that privileged lifestyle and here it is, given at almost free charges. Take your life a notch higher by living at Shine Residences. A residence that inspires you and makes you spend glorious summer days with comfort and convenience. Have the air of a good life at Shine Residences.

Feel at home with Shine Residences. Be enthralled as you are welcomed home by a distinct grand lobby. Shine Residences recognizes the home owners as the masters and that is why in every single day, it touches their lives. As a home owner at Shine Residences, delight in the array if features provided by the magnificent residence. Live large and enjoy exciting and more memorable weekends at this residence. Shine Residences let's you enjoy the scenic view of the Makati city, Quezon city and Antipolo skylines from every unit. It also let's the residents keep fit working out in its first rate amenities which embrace healthy living. Feel at home with the comfortable furnishings of the home; something that relieves one of stressful days.

Wishing you were living at Shine Residences?

Wish no more as living there is just a phone call away and as you make that phone call, there is more you should know about.

Shine Residences never disappoint. The units ate quite spacious in order to suit family needs. In addition, the kids are also considered by these thoughtful developers as they have their own play area and swimming pool. Let around in the green grass and enjoy the sound of their joyful laughter. Better still, frolic with them in the play area.

Every effort is made yo make the residents feel comfortable and that is why everything is their doorstep. The hard day's work deserves the relaxing comfort of lush gardens and country club feeling and that is why Shine Residences gardens are well kept to ensure that they soothe even the most tired souls. Banish stress by nesting away from it all by owning a unit in this blessed development.

Live in the elegant residential suites that await to elevate your lifestyle to a new height; somewhere you will not want to ever descend from. Shine Residences homes are developed with an amazing finesses to relieve those who have been disappointed by residential living. Build your dream home at the right place. A place that makes you feel comfortable and always welcomed. Wake up eachorning and take pleasure in seeing an expanse of first class amenities right from your balcony.

Located in a very relaxing suburb, Shine Residences is minutes away from that club, restaurant or park that you always visit. Have some fun at the heart of the Metro Manila. The residence's uniquely cultivated personal interests and vibrant sensitivity is so inviting that everyone wants to fall into its warm arms. Its exceptional features are inviting and its multifaceted fun living giving an upscale living experience to its residents. Shine Residents lets the home owners live the best of the best in the social life and in the business life.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yes? Shine Residences will show you how to play and what to play with for the maximum thrilling experience. Make that phone call before all the units are taken up. Limited spaces available.

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SMDC Shine Residences in Pasig City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Shine Residences, then check here first. We have full details of Shine Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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Shine Residences Location

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Shine Residences - Price List

Shine Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Combined Studio ₱ 3,300,000 20 sqm - 20.32 sqm
Combined Studio De Luxe ₱ 3,600,000 23.47 sqm
Combined Studio De Luxe + Balcony ₱ 4,200,000 28 sqm - 28.17 sqm
Studio Premiere ₱ 4,900,000 - 5,200,000 31.51 sqm
Corner Studio Premiere ₱ 5,200,000 32.71 sqm
Regular Parking ₱ 1,056,000 12.50 sqm
Tandem Parking ₱ 979,000 12.50 sqm

Why Invest In  Shine Residences

A Shining Star

The SMDC Shine Residences is an upcoming star that will shine within the Skyline of Pasig and the Ortigas Center. This uniquely designed enclave is an awesome rendition of classic yet with a touch of modernity that will never go out of style even for generations to come. With a combination of comfort and luxury, without the high price tag, the Shine Residences brings you closer to the ever-changing lifestyle of the Filipinos who now prefer a condo living near their places of work, business, schooling, and where everything is reachable in a blink of an eye. Its location a few hundred meters from Ortigas Center offers its residents the best opportunities for high-paying livelihood, business chances and at the same time, enjoy the entertainment and leisure the center has to offer. Your investment in the Shine Residences will definitely bring you shinier than ever.

Pre-selling stage

Most of the Shine Residences’ 1- BR and 2-BR units (comprised of Studio Luxe, Studio Luxe with Garden, Studio Premier, and Corner Studio Deluxe Units) have sizes ranging from 20 to 31sqm of floor area. These units are currently in the pre-selling stage, and if you are not in the hurry to move in, these units are the best to picked. Consider an investment that would bring in a lot of savings on your part. Once you placed your reservation today, you are off to a very lucrative business venture with SMDC as your worthwhile partner. Please contact our attentive real estate agents on this site, and they will give you the details, the best location of your units, and the best payment option for you.

Best bargain

Although the Shine Residences offers one of the lowest prices for its condominium units compared to most upscale residential developments at this location, the design, amenities and building facilities are also one of the finest in the industry. Its perfectly designed units are spacious, built with the most sophisticated and strongest materials on earth and its management system is the envy of most residents from other property developments. You certainly have a bargain deal with this dream-come-through home.

Ortigas Center has a very strong economy

Rivaling the economies of Taguig’s BGC and even the financial district of Makati, the Ortigas Center is located at the boundaries of Pasig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City. It has the most bullish economy northeast of Metro Manila where hundreds of multinational and local corporate headquarters and government offices are located and transacts business worth more than a billion pesos every day. The corporate offices of San Miguel Corporation, Jollibee Foods Corporation, HSBC, SEC, Robinsons Galleria, Asian Development Bank, BDO, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Sinclair Knight Merz, and the WSP Group of Companies and giants of other industries are headquartered here. Imagine the vast possibilities you could make out of your career when you live at the Shine Residences, your star will certainly shine here.

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